Advanced evasion techniques are now in the hundred millions. Progressive cyber attacks threaten the way we do business.

Does your solution meet this challenge?



Is your security solution good enough?

What exactly is “good enough” detection? 30%? 60%? 70%?

Your “good enough” solution may costs less than others to own and deploy. But unfortunately, it only takes one threat that is just “good enough” to breach your network and cause loss of critical information.

Are you prepared for the reputational 
damage, fines, and loss of business that may result?



How capable is your product - Is it better that the industry average?

How does your product stack up against your competitors?

How does it perform outside of your lab conditions?

Delta Testing’s core business is providing testing in as-close-to real world business environments as possible. Utlising its unique global spidering system, supplemented by it's business and university partnerships, we collect malicious traffic for to test your products against the real thing.




It's true that modern cyber breaches and APTs rely on cunning and perseverance.

They dodge the traditional security layers as there is no signature due to it's novelty.

Delta Testing gathers and analyses cyber threats and in order to prevent similar threats in the future.

Delta Testing engages the threat throughout the duration of it's existence, through retrospective analysis and mapping of the specific characteristics gleaned from the cyber attack over time.


Are you ready for the next Shellshock?

How can you be sure your defenses stack up?



How Delta Testing provides real world tests for today’s uber-threats.

The cyber threats facing enterprises are sophisticated, wide ranging, highly targeted and accurate. They combine zero day exploits, stealth and perseverance. The security industry has attempted to respond to these threats with better, non-signature based anti malware technologies, with some success.

But only a world-class testing methodology can measure the extent these systems are capable of detecting and stopping real world threats. With this in mind, Delta Testing recently put a number of vendor products to the test... 

Download the full report here


ABOUT delta testing

Delta Testing is built around years of experience in anti-malware testing methodologies and research. Our team has seen first hand the evolution of malware based attacks, from the age of script kiddies to today’s APTs that threaten enterprises.

Together, we have tested hundreds of products from global vendors, giving us unrivaled expertise. The team is comprised of several in-house malware specialists headed by our Chief Researcher, who has over 20 years industry experience. Delta Testing can also call on third party industry expertise including academic researchers, independent analysts and testers. Delta Testing is committed to creating the industry’s finest real world test systems to combat advanced attacks.

The testing methodology we use means that it’s important to get as close to real-world as possible (though nothing substitutes for the real thing). We also strive to provide the most useful and relevant information applicable to customers’ live networks. From observations during the entire attack lifecycle to our test metrics, Delta Testing dissects everything about the attack from various angles.

Here at Delta Testing, we believe that as attacks have evolved, so must the method for evaluating the effectiveness of products that claim to protect from these attacks. Given the pace and complexity of new threats companies are facing, it's a difficult task predicting where the next elusive technique will come from, disguising the next Shellshock. Our job is to help organizations and vendors do just that.

While we don’t expect any vendor we test to detect every single attack, our goal at Delta Testing is to allow each vendor to have the best possible chance, free from interference, to understand and improve their solution’s capability.


ABOUT the team

Mark Thomas

Commercial Director

Mark is one of the co-founders of Delta Testing and has served as its Commercial Director since its inception in August 2014. Prior to Delta Testing, Mark worked in various management roles, most recently as Client Services Director, with Haymarket Media Group and its affiliates. Mark’s experience also includes a background in sales and business development in both the UK and US. Mark holds a B.S.c from the University of Gloucestershire.


Paul Jones

Technical Director

As one of the co-founders, Paul brings to Delta Testing his extensive hands-on experience with network and security testing. Previous to Delta Testing, Paul spent seven years at West Coast Labs as a senior test engineer, where he was heavily involved in West Coast Lab’s “Real Time Testing” service, a performance test designed to simulate real conditions with live test and traffic being conducted 24x7.


Michael Parsons

Senior Malware Researcher

As Delta Testing’s senior malware researcher, Michael brings over twenty-five years of experience in the security industry. Michael previously spent nineteen years at West Coast Labs, where he held roles in testing, lab management, and malware research. In his most recent role at West Coast Labs, he developed and managed a global network of honeypots, tracking and researching information on new malware attacks and using this research to compile test suites for malware analysis.  Michael has published various security reports and has served on the panel at Virus Bulletin Conferences. Michael holds a mathematics degree.


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